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30-Day Shift Into Abundance

Cultivate a Mindset of Gratitude and Abundance With The Elevated Abundance Journal

The Elevated Abundance Journal is a transformative tool for cultivating a mindset of gratitude and abundance and shifting you into actions that will lead to more abundance in your life.



You never have “enough” money or time or health or love (no matter how much you actually have)?

You can’t create money consistently and will probably always ride the “feast-or-famine” roller coaster (so better buckle up!)?

You can’t relax–you’re always worried?

You’re going to wake up one morning + discover an empty bank account and/or lose your business?

You should probably be more practical–because who are you to turn the creative ideas in your head into actual (large amounts of) abundance?

Or any other negative emotion about money and abundance?


Then you’re in the right place.

“Finding my purpose and vision have been huge in narrowing my focus.”

– Zane Beadles

Here’s the Deal

Abundance is all around us, all the time.

...But we’re not always tapped into it.

The truth is money is energy–which means money has a frequency.

But thanks to subconscious blocks, fears and limiting beliefs around what money is or means to us, we’re not always on the same frequency as money...

...and therefore, it’s not always showing up in our lives the way we’d like it to.

The good news?

There are ways to actively raise your frequency to attract & make yourself available for

more abundance - in all areas of life not just money.

And one of the best ways is through a regular abundance journaling practice!

It’s true: Most people aren’t blessed with an abundance mindset from birth.

Most of us have to actively work to open ourselves up to more. Many of us have lots of old (read:outdated) beliefs around money, including what having money means and whether we’re even worthy of it in the first place.

Abundance journaling can help with all of that.

So, if you’re ready to...

Let go of your “money stuff” for good

Attract (rather than desperately chase after) ready, eager clients, business or other goals

Finally relax about + feel supported by your finances and life

Start being, doing and having what you truly desire (regardless of the price tags involved!)

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